Why do YOU need a Website

and what should it do for your business?

You want  to:

- have an online presence

- be found online in search engines

- guide your customers to your business location

- be reachable on every device

- be shareable on any online media

- provide valuable informations

- start online marketing activities 

- sell physical/digital products online

- generate new leads

- keep in touch

... and much more is possible
Research, brainstorm, sketch, scribble, play! Make a story board!

Look at similar sites as a reference and write down what you like /dislike

Make a list with all the top level points you want to achieve

Go through a peer review with an experienced consultant
- Company Info's
Think of Name, Address, Phone Number, regular business hours, special opening hours

- Business Presentation
Like a visual walk through in your business location(s) this could be achieved by an image gallery, video, vr and tell people what your business does

- Team presentation
Let people know who is in your business and their skills and specialties

- Portfolio
Show people the highlights of what you do

- Products / Services
Display your products/services with descriptions, availability, special offers and provide manuals, instructions and answer frequently asked questions

- Publishing News
Inform people about changes, special offers, new products, different product applications and uses

- Colors
Define a color scheme  that can be applied throughout your site

- Typography
Choose the fonts and font sizes for all typographic elements like titles, paragraphs, quotes..

Less is more - use not more then 3 different fonts and use them wisely.
Think about readability on desktop and mobile devices

- Structure
Structure the content of your site to make it easy navigable and scanable for your visitors

- Tone / Language
Adapt the tone and language of your site to your target audience. A bar/Pub site must sound different then a medical supply site

- Sitewide visual Elements
Logo, Symbols, Icons,

... but also think about the following:
This stage often decides about success and fail!

Keep it simple, but think about extend-ability

Think about the time frame and schedules, when the site should be ready.

Set your budget and check for available resources!
Think about:
- Design
- Content
- Setup
- Maintenance
- Licenses
- Services
Don't miss the next question!

Why Visitors will like your Website

and what could they be expecting?
Learn as much as possible about your visitors, what do they like, what are they looking for, what is convenient for them, what devices they use, their communication behaviors, where and how will they find your website and more
This leads to the next question:
Who are your Visitors / Customers

We can divide between 4 different Levels

- Presentation only
- Information Collection / Marketing
- E-Commerce / Financial Transactions
- Full Custom Online Business Model

Presentation Website

The purpose of a presentation business website is mainly to be found in search engines, to be present online and display your business in the best possible way to attract new and existing customers.

Think of it as a digital business brochure, people come here because they want to get information's about your business like contact info's, what you offer, who works there, support info's but it can be also used for much more, like being part of your marketing and saving money.

Here you also define the cornerstones for a consistent site design, like: colors, typography, structure and tone which will be used throughout your site. 

It is purely for representational / informational use and mainly consists of the following parts

Going through the above steps you should come up with a concept for your site

The above approach is independent from whatever technical approach you will be choosing to realize your web project and these points need to be addressed before looking for any possible technical solution.

At this stage you might also look at sites similar to your business and and make a list of what you like / dislike about them.

Information Collection / Marketing

The active Site can have has all the above but additional there will be options for users to input informations like:

- Leave Blog comments

- Subscribe to Newsletters

- sign up for Membership for social activities and member only content
Attention: Here you need to take resources for moderation, management and legal compliance into account more seriously

Possible Solutions:

E-Commerce / Financial Transactions

The active Site can have all the above with the addition of  the possibility to buy your offers directly from your website like: 

- buy digital and physical products

- Booking locations and participations in events

- Online Marketplaces like Etsy

- Crowdsourcing

This basically involves:

- Product Management

- Payment options

- Product delivery

- Order Management


Possible Solutions:

Full Custom Online Business Model

This usually goes beyond the scope of most Small Business/ Startup and demands in most cases custom development and/or enterprise solutions


- Shapeways
- Sculpteo
- Online Publishing like: Magazines / News Sites

Possible Solutions:

Next will be the Who Question

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