Who are your Visitors

and who is involved in building your website?
The Who Question is best split into 3 parts.

Part 1: Who are the visitors you want?

Of course you want to reach everyone on the internet, but it is more effective if you can create a visitor-/customer persona .

Interest :

in your products

in your services

in your informations

Location :

where are they

how will they find your business

Action :

buy your products because ...

buy your services because ...

looking for informations about...

Part 2: What are the Visitors expecting?

Regardless specific user personas the general expectations are :


Is your site delivering relevant information's for:

  • your visitors
  • Search Engines
  • Social Media
  • your business

Responsive Design

Is your site usable on any device, think of thumbs and fingertips versus mouse and keyboard !

Optimize Content for consumability on mobile Devices

Over 50% of regular Web traffic comes since a few years now from Mobile Users


By nature Visitors consume your site with their eyes and first scan your site, before they start reading.


Font, size, colors, contrast

Readability: TL;DR Voice, understandable, captivating


Clear and easy Navigation is a must. Your site needs to be self explanatory as much as possible.

Use a vocabulary understandable by your audience

Visual Design

Visual Appeal: A gamer site needs to look different then a medical site


Consistent Look and Feel throughout the entire site and across devices

Typography, Color Scheme

Part 3: Who is involved in building your Site?

and which skills are needed

Making your website is an interdisciplinary task

User Interface / User Experience (UI / UX)

Consistent Look and Feel throughout the entire site and across devices

Design, Layout, Structure, Typography, Color Scheme, Graphic Elements, Micro Interactions


Texts, Images, Video, Illustrations, Animations


Development (coding), hosting, technical maintenance and updates


Technical Updates, Content Actualisation, Content Creation (Text, Images, Illustrations, Video etc)

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