Who are your Visitors

and who is involved in building your website?
The Who Question is best split into 3 parts.

Part 1: Who are the visitors you want?

Of course you want to reach everyone on the internet, but it is more effective if you can create a visitor-/customer persona .

Interest :

in your products

in your services

in your informations

Location :

where are they

how will they find your business

Action :

buy your products because ...

buy your services because ...

looking for informations about...

Part 2: What are the Visitors expecting?

Regardless specific user personas the general expectations are :


Is your site delivering relevant information's for:

  • your visitors
  • Search Engines
  • Social Media
  • your business

Responsive Design

Is your site usable on any device, think of thumbs and fingertips versus mouse and keyboard !

Optimize Content for consumability on mobile Devices

Over 50% of regular Web traffic comes since a few years now from Mobile Users


By nature Visitors consume your site with their eyes and first scan your site, before they start reading.


Font, size, colors, contrast

Readability: TL;DR Voice, understandable, captivating


Clear and easy Navigation is a must. Your site needs to be self explanatory as much as possible.

Use a vocabulary understandable by your audience

Visual Design

Visual Appeal: A gamer site needs to look different then a medical site


Consistent Look and Feel throughout the entire site and across devices

Typography, Color Scheme

Part 3: Who is involved in building your Site?

and which skills are needed

Making your website is an interdisciplinary task

User Interface / User Experience (UI / UX)

Consistent Look and Feel throughout the entire site and across devices

Design, Layout, Structure, Typography, Color Scheme, Graphic Elements, Micro Interactions


Texts, Images, Video, Illustrations, Animations


Development (coding), hosting, maintenance

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